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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOMB Author Signs Goose Contract

Big news at the publishing pond! Author Eric D. Goodman and artist Nataliya A. Goodman have singed a publishing contract for their illustrated childrens’ book, The Flightless Goose!

The book will be published by Writers’ Lair Books and is due out this summer.

The picture book, which tells the story of a goose who must cope with a disability and learn to focus on other strengths, has been a long time swimming. Based on the true story of a Canadian goose living on a pond in a neighborhood they once lived in, Eric wrote the story nearly ten years ago. Over the next few years, his wife Nataliya illustrated the book with her beautiful watercolors, bringing the characters to life.

Then came the grueling part—finding a publisher. Over the years, Eric and Nataliya submitted their book to dozens of publishers and agents. Some responses were form rejection letters, others were complimentary, but ultimately passed on the project.

When the CEO of Writers’ Lair Books took a look at the book, she knew she wanted to publish it. She issued a contract, which Eric and Nataliya eagerly signed.

So, after years of wading in the water, The Flightless Goose is about to take flight. Look for it online and in bookstores summer 2008!

And be sure to stay tuned for news about the publication date, special pre-publication offers, the release party, and events in the area and around the country!

Visit the online pond at www.flightlessgoose.blogspot.com and subscribe to the RSS feed!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First WOMB Excerpt Published in The Potomac

The first excerpt from WOMB to be submitted for publication has been published. "Small Places" appears in the May issue of The Potomac, a journal of poetry and politics—and fiction!

Small Places” is a short excerpt from WOMB. Although this short piece is written in the third person, the novel itself is written in the first person – from the unique point-of-view of a child still in his mother’s womb.

Excerpts from WOMB have been featured at public readings and have been extremely well received. This is the first time an excerpt has appeared in a journal or magazine.

Revisions on the novel are still in progress with plans to begin submitting to agents late this year.

Small as it is, enjoy “Small Places” in the current issue of The Potomac now! Just scroll down to the “Quicktions” section on the lower left-hand side.