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Friday, October 12, 2007

WOMB Featured at Watermark Gallery

The owner of the Watermark Gallery in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor asked WOMB author Eric D. Goodman to share from his Rumi-esque fiction in an event celebrating Rumi’s 800 years.

The event, “A Rumi-esque Reading,” promises to be packed with diverse fiction, emotive poetry, surreal artwork, eastern music, rich wine, and celebratory camaraderie.

Hightlights of “A Rumi-esque Reading” include readings of Rumi’s work as well as readings or original, Rumi-inspired work from poets Deanna Nikaido and Cliff Lynn.

Goodman will be joined by two other local fiction writers: Caryn Coyle and Nitin Jagdish. Excerpts from WOMB will be the center of the event.

He was asked to read from his novel-in progress, WOMB, due to its mystical, surreal, “Rumi-esque” qualities.

WOMB is written from the point of view of an unborn child. Goodman expects to have it revised and ready for publication in 2008.

“Diverse Expressions,” a collection of surreal artwork by Manzar Rassouli-Taylor , will be on display at the event. Eastern, Rumi-inspired music will be performed, and wine will be served.

During the intermission as well as after the readings, members will have the opportunity to mingle with the authors, artists, and each other to talk about Rumi’s work and how his spirit lives on in the works of new artists today.

The Watermark Gallery is located in the Bank of America Center Skywalk Level, right across from the Inner Harbor, at 100 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland. The phone number is (410) 547-0452. The event is free and open to the public.